• How important is writing for my application?
  • Why should I choose Ivy Writing over other companies?
  • Who are the editors? How are they chosen?
  • What does an editor do with my assignment?
  • My English is not very good. Can I still have my work edited?
  • When can you complete my order?
  • How do I communicate with my editor?
  • Are any specific editors better than others?
  • Can I choose to work with a specific editor?
  • How do you calculate my word count?
  • Why is your price lower/higher than other companies?
  • Can you give any advice on what to write?

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Very important. Imagine that you are an admissions officer in charge of thousands of applications and have to choose only 10% to join your school. Many of these applicants are similarly qualified. The writing section of the application is your chance to stand out with your own unique experiences and personality.

Through your writing, you can show that:
  • You are thoughtful and sincere about your past experiences.
  • You have an interesting history that will make you a unique, valuable part of the community.
  • You have an engaging personality that makes your colleagues excited to work with you.
  • You can communicate your thoughts effectively in well-written, elegant English.
All these qualities are crucial to success in any field, and admissions officers look actively for these qualities in applicants. At Ivy Writing, we are determined to help you achieve all these things.
Ivy Writing simply provides higher quality service than other companies are able to offer. This is because our editors are current or former students of the very best universities in the United States - most are from Harvard - and have excelled in the most selective admissions processes. For instance, Allen's MD/PhD program at Harvard Medical School accepts only 12 students each year from over 500 qualified applicants.

All our editors thoroughly understand what admissions officers seek in an application. You cannot find a more qualified group of editors outside of Ivy Writing. Contrast this to companies that do not specifically state the identity of their editors and their qualifications. A person cannot truly understand admissions unless he succeeds in his own applications.

Secondly, we provide an extremely detailed editing service. Many other companies simply send you back one revision and leave you alone. They will charge you more to contact your editor again.

In contrast, a long conversation with your editor is included in Ivy Writing's standard comprehensive service. Some orders continue to over four drafts. When the application pool is so competitive, your application can be dismissed based on a single misworded sentence. We want to make sure your application is perfect and conveys exactly what you want it to. We care deeply about your success, and we will work with you until you are satisfied.

Lastly, our goal is not just to help you with your application. We want to teach you writing skills that will be applicable for the rest of your career.

The editors at Ivy Writing are a first-rate group of graduates and students from the top universities in the United States. Most are current or former students of Harvard University. They are currently in a wide range of positions, from managing research projects in Africa and writing novels to being students at top MBA, law, and medical programs.

The editors are selected through a very competitive application process for their specific areas of expertise and editing ability. Each editor is then trained and managed personally to reach extremely high standards. All editors are evaluated on every assignment.

Having gained admission to the most competitive institutions, the editors are experts in all types of admissions processes and are ready to help you reach the greatest success. Whether you are applying to college, law school, MBA programs, medical school, or a job, you can find an editor at Ivy Writing who is perfect for you. You can find more about available editors and choose one through our convenient ordering system.
Each editor provides a comprehensive editing service. These include our three standard components:
  • General comments on the whole essay from the perspective of an admissions officer
  • Detailed comments on specific grammar and organizational issues
  • A completely revised draft, edited for eloquence, fluency, and content
When the application pool is so competitive, your application can be dismissed based on a single misworded sentence. Our editors spend a lot of time correcting every single sentence, while perfecting the general content and tone. Often the editor will request additional details that will make your statement even more powerful.

Thus, not only do our editors perfect your essay, they act as application consultants.

Please see more details and read examples of previous work.
Absolutely. In fact, many of our clients are foreign and often have the same concern. No matter your level of English ability, our editors transform your work into fluent, natural English with the nuances that make the writing elegant and powerful.
The completion time depends on the length of your assignment and the availability of our editors. When you place an order of a specified length, you are able to see a list of available editors and the soonest each editor can finish your order. Typically, an 800 word assignment can be completed within one or two days and may even be returned to you within a few hours.
All communication easily takes place within the website. The site is designed with a clear interface for exchanges between you and your editor. Emails will automatically be sent to editors and clients when a new exchange has occurred.
Every editor is eminently qualified and able to produce extremely high-quality work. You can therefore trust that your application is in the best hands when you select any editor. Each editor may have a specialty (e.g. MBA, medical school) listed in his info, but keep in mind new perspectives can be the most helpful.
Yes, depending on the editor's availability. When you place an order, you will select a deadline for the assignment. You will then see all the editors who can complete the order before that deadline. If the editor's name does not show up, please email me. I will try my best to place you with that editor.
We count the words of the assignment you submit to us, not the word limits for the question. With multiple essays, we use the total word count.
Our prices are balanced to be both competitive among high-quality providers and rewarding to our editors. We want to make the service available to as many people as possible and thus offer lower rates than some competitors. Furthermore, because all assignments are managed by the founder, there are lower overhead costs than with larger companies.

Our pricing is also not the absolute cheapest on the market. However, as with many things, you get what you pay for. Almost no other company can provide the level of detail and care we put into our editing. Almost no other company can uniformly provide editors of such high qualifications.

When applying to schools can already cost thousands of dollars, the small additional cost in making your application perfect is well worth the improved results.
Yes! Please read our Writing Guides.