You submit a rough draft of your application, resume/CV, or anything else.

We produce a perfect, polished version that is ready to be submitted.

We don't just fix minor grammar mistakes. Instead, we redefine your application to be as strong as it can be.

We work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your final product. You have unlimited drafts. At the end, you have a perfect application ready to submit.

Specifically, we provide a comprehensive revision with three major components:

Overall Evaluation

First, we tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your work, and we show you large-scale improvements. We tell you how an admissions officer would feel while reading your application.

This evaluation assesses:
  • Effectiveness of content
  • New ideas based on your unique background
  • Strength of organization
  • Large-scale changes in topic or structure
  • Your application's ability to impress your readers

Detailed Critiques

Next, we analyze every line of your application and make specific critiques. We evaluate your work as experts in admissions and point out areas of improvement.

These critiques point out:
  • Opportunities to make a stronger, better impression
  • Missing details from your background that would strengthen your application
  • Lack of specificity in your writing
  • Logical disarray and ways to improve
  • All grammatical and stylistic issues

Fully Revised Version

Finally, we'll return a fully polished version of your original draft, incorporating all the feedback we've given you. Often we'll take your application in a new, better direction you hadn't thought of before.

Often your consultant will ask you for more details that would strengthen your application. You'll work with your consultant to incorporate these details and continue until you're 100% satisfied.

We guarantee that the final product is of such high quality that we would be comfortable sending it to admissions offices ourselves. Most importantly, this application is unique and perfect for you, and you alone.


These three components cover all aspects of our service, from shaping the reader's overall perception of you to refining the smallest details. This is much more than many competing services can offer. Our final mission is not only to help you reach your educational goals, but also to improve your writing skills and knowledge of the application process.
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